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Default Re: Anyone else get discouraged selling on Craigslist because of all the flakes and low-ballers?

Saw this thread just after returning home from selling a set of 2 year old A Custom cymbals via Craigslist.

The ad ran for about 2 weeks, and I got 2 responses. One was a phone call from a guy who acted as though he'd known me forever, asked if I was negotiable (I said yes), and then said he'd call me back. Never heard from him.

The second response was a text from a drummer in nearby Seattle. He left his name, and after Googling him I found several videos on YouTube of him playing with different bands. Good player and obviously a known guy in the area so I called him. My asking price was half what I'd originally paid for the lot because past experience has shown me that that's the most I can get if I make my way to a drum shop with them. That price was also 20% higher than I was willing to take.

I knocked off the 20% for the buyer and we made the plan to meet in the parking lot of my bank, which has two things going for it. It's easy to find and highly trafficked because it's next to the ferry landing from Seattle to where I live. Oh, and a third thing: It's 5 minutes from my home.

The buyer arrived over an hour early, which made me pretty damn happy actually. I drove down to the parking lot, and he stood with his cash in hand, a nice bundle of $100 bills, while I showed him the cymbals. He didn't need to hear them because he's the real deal and knows what they sound like. He just wanted to make sure they were in the "like new" shape I'd described.

We exchanged handfuls, and then I showed him something else that's been sitting in my trunk forever, an old early '90s Tama 13" power tom. Turned out he'd just bought a 1990 Tama Rockstar set so he bought that as well. (No, the colors didn't match, but the tom is silver and looks cool with everything.)

Phone/texting time for the whole deal after the CL ad was placed: 5 minutes tops.

Face to face time to perform the transaction in a safe and public environment: 15 minutes including travel time.

A good time and a good deal were had by all. I don't do a lot on CL, but I've learned to always meet on netural/safe ground whether I'm a buyer or a seller. And I think it's important to talk to the other party and get a sense of them and their attitude before getting together - especially if I'm selling something. I love my stuff almost the way I'd love a puppy and want to make sure it's getting a good home.
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