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Default Re: Vinyl Resurgence Thread

It's not just on the LP collectors side. On the DJ/electronic music side of things, there has been a pretty big uptick in vinyl sales and vinyl only releases in the last two years. This is happening as the equipment formats that replaced decks and wax (CDJ and USB controllers) have gotten more and more feature packed and wallet friendly.

I think half of it is a genuine niche of people who embraced the new stuff and found that while it allowed them to do so many creative things with their mixes that are conceptually impossible on 1200s and analog plates, that the sheer amount of those options often obscured the focus on what people enjoyed about that way of communicating music in the first place: building a journey of musical tension and release. I have a lot of friends who will occasionally pack a crate full of vinyl and ask the venue to dust off the Technics because they want to trim the fat and have a free flowing evening.

The other half touting vinyl, sadly are largely old guard dinosaurs, or new guard hipsters who argue with strawmen like "real DJs can beatmatch on vinyl" or do things like booking "vinyl only" shows strictly to exclude others who have embraced new technology, and doing it under the guise of presenting an "old school feel" like I mentioned above.
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