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Default Re: Anyone else get discouraged selling on Craigslist because of all the flakes and low-ballers?

Originally Posted by Dr_Watso View Post
People (not necessarily you) really think you want to come meet them and pay 80-90% of the new value on the item. That's not what I or anyone I know go to craigslist for. It had better be at least in the 70% or lower range and that's if in good shape. Typically I won't consider a used item on that site for anything less than about half retail.

Absolutely. If I can go to a store that has to maintain a reputation, will have a selection of alternatives, will take a return and give a refund, has many legal and regulatory obligations, will take a credit card, honor a warranty, and provide service for a $100, why would I meet a stranger in a parking lot and give him $90 cash to never see him again? I think a lot people don't really understand everything that is in a retail price.
Similarly for ebay, although, at least many of those transactions have some reputation and return protections.
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