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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

Originally Posted by Todd Sucherman View Post
Hey Shemp,

Thanks for the kind words and I'm glad you enjoyed the MM DVD. You're question is peculiar as I don't think (or judge) pieces in terms of advanced or whatever. If anything is really good and done well (no matter how simple physically) it could be described as advanced playing. Steve Gadd or Steve Jordan playing 2 & 4 is kind of…advanced because they do it so masterfully. So I can't really answer what I'd call that particular tune. Make sense? Sorry I'm not really giving an answer. What's hard for someone may be easy for someone else. So, it's up to you.

Hi there Todd,

I do understand where you are coming from and also agree that even a simple sequence can be played at an advanced level; a great analogy there is vibrato on guitar. One note, one pluck and either it can sound smooth, even and pleasing or be heard as "tense", "frantic" or uneven and disconcerting.Of course the tense and frantic might be good in some cases and the intended result.

Where I would question your answer is that some songs require a level of development to be able to at least play the authentic time, consistently, etc. For instance, a beginning drummer is not going to sit down and play Immigrant Song or a fast texas shuffle because those things take a reasonable amount of time to develop the physical capacity and level of muscle memory. Does that make sense?

So, in terms of Vehicle, that was where my question was aimed at and what I was trying to put a "label" on so to speak. I don't think it is peculiar from a mechanics point of view, although it may be from an artistic point of view. Maybe I fell short in the way I asked the question, but I do think it is very reasonable to assess songs as requiring what one would call a "beginning". "intermediate" or "advanced" level of mechanical development/facility to be able to play them. My take is that Vehicle is a fairly mechanically advanced groove to play as recorded and I was interested in your take....thanks
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