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Default Re: calf skin heads

I just got home after traveling again, and found the Earthtone head here. Now I can continue my experiment.

I put the Earthtone calfskin on a Gretsch hammered brass 5" snare. Since I have the CT Pro calfskin on my 5" dynasonic, I felt that it would be a better comparison to do two 5" deep brass snare drums. Of course the dynasonic has a better sound, but mostly because of its unique snare bridge. So I decided to not do my 6.5" dynasonic. I also wanted to use the 6.5 for playing and traveling more.

So far the Earthtone head I have to let sit for a day or so before I tune it up. The coating looks like the type of paint or coating that Remo used to use on their heads. The Earthtones look very different from the CT Pro heads. I did not like the suggestion from Earthtone. that the heads may need to be sanded down with a 150 grit sandpaper in some thicker spots prior to use, it shows that they did not want to take the time to inspect and make the heads even before they sent them out. But, this may not be an issue.
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