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Default Re: breaking someone else's gear, feel like a heel

Originally Posted by Smoke View Post
We still haven't rectified the alcohol abuse, and I fear it's too late.

Proper decorum suggests that you should have lapped up the spilt beer or at least squeezed the beer out of the rag and into a cup! At the very least, you could have encouraged his puppy to do the clean-up, rather than have the beer go to waste.

You haven't mentioned the beer brand/style - some canned light beers should be mopped up with a rag. So maybe there was no foul.
It was a honey brown ale. I cant recall the brand, Killians maybe? he really likes having a ton of selection so the brands are constantly rotating in the fridge. I usually stick to the bud lite but its his wifes so I feel bad about drinking it all. sunday if I remember ill take a pic of the inside of the fridge.
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