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Originally Posted by drummingman View Post
Has anyone tried the 3 different parts, the A21, the A11 and the original? How do they compare to each other in any way you can think of?

One last thing. I have a pretty big foot, size 13. How short is the short board pedals? Would my heel be hanging way off the heel plate when resting or is the pedal pretty long?
I've owned both the A21 and the original,...personally I prefer the A21 because it allows you to strike the head a little earlier in the stroke (using traditional type beaters - i.e., not sonic hammer).. The original will allow this as well but only by using the sonic hammers and adjusting the beater forward ....the A21's also feel like they strike the head a little harder (more force)..

Short boards are similar in size to other manufacturers boards, but personally I can't ever see myself using anything other than them!

No such thing as an A11, at least as far as I know...
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