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Default Re: Anyone else get discouraged selling on Craigslist because of all the flakes and low-ballers?

Craigslist changes a lot depending on where you are. I've bought and sold plenty of gear through craigslist (I still own a DW/Craviotto, '70s LM402, Eliminator double pedal, a couple cymbals, my Mesa/Boogie and purple Splawn cab, some guitar pedals, microphones, a tube compressor, current audio interface, monitors...) and although I've had my fair share of dumbasses, I tend to ignore them since the good more than outweighs the bad.

When I was in Boston, it seemed like everyone was asking too much for their stuff and wouldn't negotiate at all, and when I was selling, people would constantly offer me half of what I was asking. Now that I'm back in NC, people are much more open to negotiating prices, including myself, and it's a much easier sale. There's also a ton more cool stuff for sale on NC craigslist. Shoot, there are at least three 70s Ludwig kits - maple, stainless, and Vistalite!

Half of the craigslist deal is being patient. I also think you're a bad seller if you're not willing to negotiate your price on a no-name snare. Generally, a good rule of thumb is to sell any used item (that's not particularly unique) for no more than 2/3 its original value; that means 33% off. It's your prerogative, but you come across as someone with an overinflated sense of pride if you're not willing to negotiate and it makes things more difficult than it needs to be.

That's my two cents, at least.
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