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Default Re: Anyone else get discouraged selling on Craigslist because off all the flakes and low-ballers?

Originally Posted by Vintage Old School View Post
I never use Craigslist when you are showing up with cash for a transaction. A guy I know locally was robbed at gunpoint when he went to purchase a laptop. He was with his girlfriend and they were both lucky to walk away alive. I know a lot of people have great success and purchases with Craigslist, but it's a safety issue for me.
I ALWAYS arrange to meet in a public area, usually at peak traffic times. Guitar Center parking lot is a fave of mine, it happens to be centrally located to most people and there are cars and people everywhere.

I tend to suss out the lowballers early. I stay firm on my price, and the prices I've asked for have all been fair (50-60% off what it would cost new from the store).

Because I'm also a pretty big dude, it might give them second thoughts to try something with me. I guess that's an advantage. It is tricky and you have to be extremely careful, but until feebay does something to make it actually fair to sell stuff on their site without the sales getting sucked up by fees, this is the way I do it.
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