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Default Re: iron cobras sluggish? Don't loosen the springs

Originally Posted by opentune View Post
Ok that's your preferred setting, to not move the spring, but the spring adjustment must be there for a reason - to loosen or tighten to taste.

I have an IC and I prefer its spring on the looser side, but I don't do fast double bass work or anything.
Looser springs can make pedals easier to control for many people. There are lots of reasons to adjust the springs. I'm just saying that I have found that loosening the springs on the IC in search of a lighter feel will result in just the opposite when you try playing faster. The pedals actually feel heavier. Not just slower - heavier.

On my speed cobras I prefer medium loose springs and tighter drum head. The pedal board length and mass don't react the same way - or I should say to the same degree - as the IC. Tightening the springs on the SC do affect endurance for sustained single strokes, while on the IC all it does is make them smoother and faster without requiring more effort. To me this translates as "lighter".
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