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Default Iron Cobras sluggish? Don't loosen the springs

So I keep coming back to my IC every few weeks, alternating between them and my speed cobras as I try to decide on a favorite. To me the feel of the motion of the IC is just about perfect, but after enjoying the lighter feel of the SC I wanted to try and get my power glides to feel as "light" as possible.

The first step seemed logical enough to me: loosen the springs, right?


Loosening the springs on the IC in an attempt to lighten the feel is a mistake.
I dunno about other pedals but this absolutely makes my IC sluggish. Yes they are easier to press down (at slow speed) but looser springs give them a heavier feel above a certain speed.

Tighter springs do not feel heavier on the IC, or take any more effort to play. In fact they feel lighter and allow the pedals do what they are designed to do, which means my ankles don't work as hard.

I think we all recognize that generally tighter springs will facilitate more speed, but the point I'm trying to make is tighter springs on these particular pedals makes them feel lighter and smoother, not simply faster. The pedals just spring to life, pardon the pun.

Note: springs used on my IC are the same Tama super springs that are on the speed cobras.

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