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Default Re: Anyone else get discouraged selling on Craigslist because of all the flakes and low-ballers?

Originally Posted by zarrdoss View Post
I don't like bickering on price so I just decide what is the least I am willing to take for it and then try and sell at that price. If a month goes by and I still have it and really want to get rid of it then I might negotiate. I just listed it. The problem is is that these people don't feel like its a good deal unless they can talk you down some more. You could be selling the hope diamond for 50 bucks and they would still try and talk you down lower. Sorry but I am not going to feed someones ego and raise my price up 20 bucks so they can feel they talked me down so they can sleep at night.
I like craigslist and appreciate it unfortunately its all the weirdos like this that are ruining it for me. I just toss low ball offers in the trash when I get them . Don't get me started on e-bay. This guy was different, Like I said it was marked firm in my add but he probably did not have that and thought he could bicker and get me to go down to how much he had. It's usually an indicator of what you are dealing with when the person shows up in a car that's worth less than what you are selling. plus it looked like he had been wearing the same clothes for a month and smelled like an ash tray and fast food dumpster combined.
I am not usually worried about these guys because I carry a concealed .40 and my wife is in the other closed room with hers as well. But that is one of the reasons I wont be letting any of these people in my home anymore or if possible even know where I live. This guy made me feel uncomfortable, not scared, more angry than anything and was just generally offensive. I usually do all my transactions in the garage or meet in a public place but it has been cold here lately and was in a hurry because he said he could meet now, not three Fridays from now. Maybe if the economy gets better and people are not such tightwads but for now I will probably just keep what I have.
Thanks for the replies and thoughts guys!
I like the carry concealed...but still would never again let them go inside your home. You or your wife could get hurt or you could shoot someone, and with today's "Save the criminal" legal system could get in a lot of legal trouble.

Talk to them on the phone first, feel them out as human being and explain the dickering rules.

I don't mind all that much having folks come to the garage for a deal..if someone wanted to come back and try to hit my joint, it would be suicide. I think that becomes clear once they see the 4 legged militia :-)
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