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Default Re: Anyone else get discouraged selling on Craigslist because of all the flakes and low-ballers?

Originally Posted by zarrdoss View Post
I am officially through trying to sell stuff on CL because off all the miserly self entitled slackers! Today I was trying to sell a nameless snare in new condition still in the box, I marked it down 22% of anywhere you could find it new online. Some @$$clown comes to look and only living about a mile away was only 25 minutes late from the time we agreed on, why is it so hard for anyone to be punctual these days? Anyway as soon as he walked in I could tell what I was dealing with. Then as soon as he asked what I was asking I said to myself "here we go". I replied $XXX just like it said in my add and he said well I can get it brand new online for 9 bucks more. I called BS and said show me, after fiddling with his"smartphone" for 5 minutes he show me a pic of the same snare in a smaller size in an expired e-bay add plus shipping. I was completely dumbfounded that anyone could be so stupid. I said well I really don't care what you can dig up on your stinking phone this one right here is going for $XXX firm. I was just about ready to tell him to leave then he replied well I'll think it over and left. He probably did not even have what I was asking to begin with and thought he could talk me down even though my add said FIRM,
So I pulled my add and just decided to keep my snare, one nice thing about not really having to sell. Because of this and many other twits like this I am not going to even try selling anything on CL anymore. Anyone else have horror stories like this? Whats wrong with people today?
I've had my share of "craigslist people" too. Usually stuff over the phone; asking what the price was (when it's clearly in the ad), if they would take a trade for something like a dirt-bike, if I would take a check, etc.

What I find most shocking about your post is that you let this freak into your home. WTF?!

There are a lot of weirdos out there and now one of them knows where you live. I could be overreacting here but you just never know who these people know and/or what they're really up to.
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