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Default Andy Newmark

I have to throw some props to my all-time favorite drummer, Andy Newmark. His discography is a virtual Who's Who of KILLER albums by great artists. His work with Sly and The Family Stone is sublime funk. When Bill Bruford was showing Zak Starkey an example of "feel" he played Andy's work on Sly's "Fresh" album. From Carly Simon to Cat Stevens, John & George, EC, Pink Floyd, Roxy Music, David Bowie and tons more, Andy has consistently shown what a perfect drummer is: versatile, unique, musical and supportive. His work with George Benson is amazing.

If you're new to Andy (you've more than likely heard him), check out the grooves he plays on Ron Wood's "I've Got My Own Album To Do", Roxy Music's "Avalon," Sly's "Fresh" and any of the other dozens of albums he's played on.

A true underrated master.

Peace, MT
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