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Default Re: Roland vs Yamaha vs Alesis?

Don't know if you purchased yet but if not, hope this helps. When I came back into the drumming world 3 years ago my stored 46 year old Ludwig kit was 200 miles away and I needed something quiet for my second floor apt. Hadn't picked up a stick in 30 years, and had no idea what was what . After looking at Simmons and Alesis and Yamaha,my long, boring journey took me to Roland , and I went td 9, then td 9 rocker then slowly made my td 9 rocker a td 20 and went all the way to the top to the td 30 module which was way too technical for me and eventually sold it . What I realized after all was said and done is this. I missed real drum sounds and real drum sizes, so without altering my Ludwigs I put internal bolt on triggers in my old Ludwigs and bought some cymbal triggers and most importantly, r I bought a 2 box module and it's drums sound are awesome. I know this is very long, but I just want to add this . To do it all over again, I would go out to different music stores and fellow electronic drummer's kits and try everything out there and not rush into anything .If you ask somebody else their opinion, you are going to get it! Make your own informed decision! As a matter of fact, I wish I bought a used Dw or Gibraltar practice pad rack and just worked on my technique and stopped asking other people what do they like! Just my HO.

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