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Default Re: Favorite Cymbal Owned and Favorite Dream Cymbal

I'm resurrecting this thread to brag on my new ride. My favorite cymbal owned has always been my 18" AA Medium Thin. However, it might have just been bumped to #2 by my new 21" AA Bash Ride (in natural finish). This thing is flat out great. I play primarily in church/corporate worship settings, and have been looking for that perfectly versatile Unicorn of a ride with a higher pitched bow and good crashride-ability. The bow on this thing is nice and clean, high-pitched, the bell is sweet, and the crash is low and, for lack of a better term, warm-sounding. Absolutely love it.

Dream cymbal to own: Right now, any one of HHX Groove Hats, HH Medium Hats, or Byzance Extra Dry Medium Hats.
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