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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

My name is Kelvin Harrison better known as Kk I have been playing for 30 years when I came to the united states I was raised in the Bronx NY where my older brother was spending records in Cedar Park in the Bronx where we lived in River Park Towers. I went to a school called C.E.S C.I.S 229 when I saw this guys name Mark B playing drums with a band name heart breaker and I ask this guy name dj spice I want to play and he ask me can I? So I lied and told him yes but I never got on drums before but when I got on it was like magic the croud went wild so everyone that laugh at me because of my thick glasses they be came my fans so I went and told my uncle he said good I need u to play with me at Madison Square Garden to play reggae it was just one drop so I start a band call the infinite with lead singer Resheed Paterson and I played dj for hip hop artist Black Rob . But I made music class my life so I got called to audition with the NY Lancer drum corp to play snare. My brother took me to a studio and I had record with different rap groups so I start rapping and record a song called its all over on big groove records until I was told your life is drums so I return to the drums my heart never lost a beat I been recording with ppl like Chris Gardner that has the song belong feat Sarah Dash from Patti Labelle & the La belles that was my first time I have record the hold CD on drums but anyway my father side is famous NY uncle is Welbert Harrison that made Kansas City my cousin is John P Kee, Kieth Sweat I'm just looking to better my career
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