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Default Re: Ludwig ATLAS Mounts

I guess for me, getting my drums to resonate has never been an issue. With the level of skill that goes into crafting drumsets these days, it seems quite rare that you'd find a drum that doesn't "sing/growl/insert-any-other-marketing-adjective-here" provided the bearing edges and shells aren't horribly out of round. So at this point in time, I just don't see why companies are still boasting about all the new proprietary hardware that goes into giving the drum even more resonance. It just seems unnecessary. That being said, I love my ATLAS mount that arrived in the mail the other day, and while I'm using it to mount a cymbal off the bass drum instead of mounting a drum, it's a well-designed piece of gear!

And yes, I fully understand taming a lively drum as opposed to the opposite, however why you would need a drum with sustain over a second or two is beyond me. It just seems like overkill at that point...

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
Most players use head sustain as an indication of resonance. Many confuse the two & regard them as the same thing. Of course, they're two different things, yet related. It's perfectly possible to have a highly resonant drum with close to zero head sustain. Head sustain is more a product of head choice, tuning, bearing edge sharpness, & hoop mass. Shell resonance is more a product of shell construction, hardware mass, & timber species. They're related because a drum's voice is a combination of all elements working as a single entity.

Sure, you'll kill head sustain if you have a resonance sink on the shell, but you'll kill the much more important shell resonance too. Isolation mounting becomes more important the more resonant the shell is. The shell being able to be readily excited is what delivers tone, & that's where choking the shell really shows in the real world.

Bearing edges & reso head tension :)
I don't quite follow, yet I'm very intrigued! How would a drum resonate with the head having close to zero sustain? Isn't the head sustain nuanced by the shell, but not independant?

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