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Default Re: Got a used Club Date SE

As I mentioned in the first post, the only thing I'm not crazy about on these kits is the tom height adjustability. As sold, I can't get the tom where I like it 'cause it just doesn't go high enough (I wouldn't want to imagine on a jazzette). Some people would just put it on a snare stand and be done with it. I never liked that because I just can't get the tom where I want it.

My solution was to switch out the mounting plate on the rims mount for a longer one. The stock one is very short. Luckily I had a longer one in my junk box. The longer plate puts the bracket lower on the drum therefore putting the drum higher. Although I still have to put the tom on very top of the L-rod it's now in the perfect spot.

Another solution would be to switch the bracket and arm for a 10.5 of which much longer arms exist and are easier to find. But I like my classic bracket so for me that's out. ;)

Just putting it out there in case anyone else encounters this problem.
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