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Thanks for the info. Yes this is his only kit right now, he had a child's set he started out with and they didn't last long with playing everyday. We had to quickly start upgrading things. He got these Tamas for his 7th birthday. He just got the Spider Rack for Christmas to try and clean up all the cymbal stands we had going on in there. We ordered some additional parts for it to make it fit better for him.

One of my reason for posting is because his teacher doesn't get a chance to watch most of these and there is no internet connection or phone signal when we go there. He watches some but works full time, then all these lessons, plus has 2 kids of his own, (you know the drill). I try and watch You tube videos to help him with little things that I grasp like the proper way to hit a cymbal! At lessons they use an electronic drum set with cymbals a 1/4 of the size of his at home. He was hitting dead on the stand and we had broken cymbals so I started looking for things on You Tube and bam.... I had never thought of hitting something like that dead on and all the resistance. So we brought it up at lessons and he addressed it with him. He didn't even notice because he doesn't do it on the electronic ones....

There are just so many small aspects to drumming that make a huge difference. Like you stated we are concerned for him picking up bad habits because they are hard to reverse but on the other hand we hate to make it into a chore that he won't have the passion to do what he's been doing, which is drum, sleep, drum, eat, drum and make up setlists! Haha...

Thanks again... 1st thing we are going to address the wrists!
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