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Default Re: TAMA HP30 Single pedal

I got the IC 200 in the mail yesterday. As I said a few posts up, GC ended up being out of the HP30 model so I opted for the next step up. It's essentially the newer version of the IC Junior (an HP30 with a baseplate).

Pretty good pedal. Still messing with settings to get it to feel right and to get it to feel as close as possible to my DW3000 settings. I will say, the 3000 seems a bit smoother but the beater on the 3000 also seems heavier. The 200 has the powerglide cam also so that's going to feel different from the 3000's standard (round) cam, right? The IC200 seems to stop rocking much quicker than the 3000 when I pull on the beaters simultaneously. Is it possible I should lube the 200's bearings or something?

Overall I like it and will keep it. Again, it's for my practice kit but I want it to be as similar as possible in feel to my DW3000.
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