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Default Re: Ludwig ATLAS Mounts

Originally Posted by Pass.of.E.r.a. View Post
I'll never understand why people want their drums to have that much sustain. I get that it's all preference and such, but from my experience all sustain does is muddy up the sound or get lost in the mix. Anyone care to enlighten me? (No disrespect meant towards you Alparrott)
Most players use head sustain as an indication of resonance. Many confuse the two & regard them as the same thing. Of course, they're two different things, yet related. It's perfectly possible to have a highly resonant drum with close to zero head sustain. Head sustain is more a product of head choice, tuning, bearing edge sharpness, & hoop mass. Shell resonance is more a product of shell construction, hardware mass, & timber species. They're related because a drum's voice is a combination of all elements working as a single entity.

Sure, you'll kill head sustain if you have a resonance sink on the shell, but you'll kill the much more important shell resonance too. Isolation mounting becomes more important the more resonant the shell is. The shell being able to be readily excited is what delivers tone, & that's where choking the shell really shows in the real world.

Originally Posted by bermuda View Post

As for a tom ringing so long that it's problematic, I've only had that happen with a particular floor tom that would simply not shut up! No matter how much stuff I laid on the top, and how much tape I put on the reso, it just sang!

Bearing edges & reso head tension :)
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