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Default Re: Tractor Seat or Round Style

Originally Posted by caddywumpus View Post
I prefer round. I have a Roc n Soc round, a Roc n Soc tractor, a DW round, and a Kaman "square" stool. The Roc n Soc round is the most comfortable of them all for drumming, the Kaman "square" stool is the only one tall enough for playing timpani, the Roc n Soc tractor is nitro and has a back so I use it for long recording/mixing sessions, and the DW round is leather so I let students use it on my teaching kit (seriously...a couple of kids have had rancid gas and stunk out my previous Roc n Soc throne in my teaching studio...never again!)
Did you try spraying it with febreeze or bouncing on it until all the gas was released?

Did you have to throw it away?
Drum is fum
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