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Default Re: Ludwig ATLAS Mounts

I like the ATLAS mounts, and like many, I have definite opinions and a preferred purpose for them. From a sound point of view, I can't honestly say they're better than another isolation system, but they certainly don't choke my rack toms, which is where I use them.

It's the design of the mount is what I like, and dislike.

On a rack tom, replacing a RIMS-type mount, the ATLAS mount sticks out a little less, weighs a LOT less, and lets the drum's finish be seen. There's basically no extra metal to cover up the shell, and it's really evident on 12" and smaller toms. The result is a much sleeker look.

But for floor toms and kicks, the mounts stick out quite a bit more than whatever they replaced. Despite all the other cool applications - floor tom isolation, rack tom mount isolation, ride/cowbell/accessory isolation, kick spur isolation, mic mount isolation - the mount is bulky, and requires new bags/cases if being transported.

Just my opinion of course. I think they hit a home run with the rack tom mounting, but some of the other things are kind of a stretch in real life.

Originally Posted by BillRayDrums View Post
It's better to be in control of the sustain than to not be. That's just my personal preference. I like my toms to sing.
Exactly. In addition, sustain, even in small amounts, adds a crucial psychoacoustic element to the overall drum (and band) sound. It's like snare buzz. Annoying perhaps on a conceptual level, but a drum kit just doesn't sound the same - or as good - without it.

These aspects of drum sounds are just there, we may not really think about them much, but would absolutely notice if they weren't there.

As for a tom ringing so long that it's problematic, I've only had that happen with a particular floor tom that would simply not shut up! No matter how much stuff I laid on the top, and how much tape I put on the reso, it just sang!

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