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Default Re: Ludwig ATLAS Mounts

Originally Posted by Pass.of.E.r.a. View Post
I'll never understand why people want their drums to have that much sustain. I get that it's all preference and such, but from my experience all sustain does is muddy up the sound or get lost in the mix. Anyone care to enlighten me? (No disrespect meant towards you Alparrott)

Back on topic though, I ordered one from my local long and macquade with the intention to put it on my bass drum and mount my ride cymbal on it! I guess we'll see if it increases cymbal sustain. ;)

Because it's easier to tame a drum than try to wake a dead one up, in my opinion.

I'm not currently playing many miked gigs, but when I do have to mike these things up, I've got a lot to work with to get a full sound rather than worrying if I can make a "thud" into a "thuuud".
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