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Default Re: Share your favorite more obscure movie

Originally Posted by 8Mile View Post
Definitely. I think Andrei Rublev is his masterpiece, although some find it difficult. It's very long and it defies the linear "story-telling" model of film in pretty much every way. But it's just so f***ing beautiful.
I reiterate my recommendation. If you want masterpiece, watch Soylent Green. Think Aldous Huxley or George Orwell dystopia. Think 70s movie that looks like it was shot in outer space. My jaw hung wide open when I watched it again. Was it Charleton Heston? Can't remember, I think it was.

I just can't recommend it enough. Probably my all-time favourite movie after Clint Eastwood's Unforgiven. And my God, it is spectacular. SPECTACULAR.

And pretty damn obscure, I watched it back in the 80s on video tape on my VCR (anyone remember those?)
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