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Default Re: Ludwig ATLAS Mounts

Originally Posted by BillRayDrums View Post
Was in Guitar Center a couple of months back looking for a couple of RIMS mounts for my floor toms (good luck finding those in stock at GC...) and all they had to offer was the Atlas mounts. So I said "OK, I'll try 'em out". On the floors, absolutely fantastic!

Went back a few weeks later to grab a couple more for my two rack toms. Wrong answer! The drums are not heavy enough to put downward weight on them so they sound choked and no better had I put a regular tom mount into the drum.

So...Atlas mounts for the floors are a great idea. For the mounted toms, save your $. Unless I put them on wrong, and I doubt that I did.
Dunno, man. I have one on my 13" Ludwig Standard tom and I had the exact opposite experience. With the shell mount bracket it was like "tummm". Once I installed the Atlas, is was more like "tummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" [ten seconds later] "..mmmmmmmmmmmm..."

I'm a believer.
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