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Default Re: Strange coincidence things that happen

Originally Posted by jodgey4 View Post
All the time this happens...
Originally Posted by The Old Hyde View Post
I wish I was making this up, an employee just showed me the local paper about a pot grower getting lie...its 4:20
No, this sort of thing never happens to me, which makes me the weirdo. (But you knew that.)

I'm reminded of a conversation I had once with two other people, one of whom was a psychologist. The psychologist was talking about people sometimes thinking they hear their name being called. The friend I was with said Yes, that happened to her occasionally. I said No, that never happened to me, apart from maybe once or twice in my life, and added (as only a friend can), "You freak!" - whereupon the psychologist replied that 90%+ of people occasionally think they hear people calling their name, and turning to me, asked "So who's the freak now?"
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