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Default Re: The "how" thread

Music- ( Rush and most 80's hair bands. In the late 80's it was Zeppelin, Floyd, The Doors,Kansas, Eagles-I wasn't exposed to a lot of this music until I was about 14 or 15. In the early 90's it was still Floyd-Division Bell, but mostly Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, STP...etc. Mid 90's it was Tool, Rage, DMB-who I started admiring again)

Drummer- (I started playing pots and pans, tupperware, boxes-you name it- along with my dad's band at a young age. But mainly my buddy Monty. He was pulling off Peart at age 10..flawlessly. He now does studio work in Nashville.)

Person(s)- ( Monty Bradford and Brad Hutchins, two schoolmates and still two of the best drummers I know. I was always jealous because they were superior to me. Made me practice that much harder...and they still kick my ass!! )

Style- ( Rock, Funk,Blues)

Inspirations- ( I guess one thing that inspired me at a young age was I wanted to fit in with my father and his band. I wanted to know what it felt like up on that stage. My father was a Luthier and he built his own guitars and repaired vintage and other instruments. Music was a huge part of his life and I truly believe it kept him alive for several years after he got sick. God rest his soul.)

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