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Default Re: Why I play the Breakbeats!

Originally Posted by IDDrummer View Post
Why have we not heard a video of these little babies yet??
I'm actually still geeking out about the Ludwig Classic Maples I just got recently as well. I'm still jazzed by the amount of mojo I get with those, especially for them being new. They don't feel perfect, and it takes a bit of work to get them to sound really good, but when you do....they stay that way!

I used to like how on a Yamaha or Pearl kit (back in the day) you could throw heads on them and they'd always sound the same. You'd get that really attack-y low tone all the time with almost no work. Now that sound and feel is too generic. When I re-discovered the Ludwigs (thanks to Harry) I had wondered if I'd get the same mojo from a new kit - and I do! It's awesome. Although it's time I put some black dots on.....

Larry and Bob here have the older 3-plies with re-rings, so I would say they're getting a bit more of the mojo than I am. I would've loved to have done a new 3-ply with rings but that would have been a special order. My Classic Maples were right off a store's floor.

But I'll do a video with the Breakbeats soon enough. I'm discovering that it does quiet samba really well!
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