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Default Re: Ludwig Classic Maples?

Originally Posted by bermuda View Post
those are the dreaded 6-ply "thick" shells. Not as horrible as everyone thought, they were actually great rock drums. Bermuda
Definitely not for jazz. They are very heavy! Won't know what they sound like till I get some decent heads on the toms. Those rockers heads aren't very pleasing to my ears.

Originally Posted by harryconway View Post
Nice tubs.
Thanks! I dig the natural finish and the smaller sizes.

Originally Posted by v.zarate View Post
i was just gonna mention, "why do the lugs look massive on the floor tom?"
Apparently, they were offered with either classic lugs or mach lugs. I think the mach lugs were more rare. Maybe because nobody wanted the extra weight!

Originally Posted by drumdevil9 View Post
If you got them at a Rockers price then you did real good.
They were practically free. ;) Couldn't pass 'em up!
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