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Default Re: Why I play the Breakbeats!

Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
The usual guy stuff - wood, appliances, motorcycles.....we DIY a lot of stuff around here and having an open bed pickup is more useful. Although I may breakdown one day and get one of those soccer mom minivans......but not yet ;)

After driving a truck for almost forever, I sold my latest one a few months ago and got an SUV. Put a trailer hitch on it the first day I got it home though, in case I still need to do some 'guy stuff' - LOL
Plenty of room inside, for more than just drum stuff, especially with the seats folded down.

Even though it's comfy, it's got AWD, and it gets better gas mileage, it still doesn't feel exactly quite right.
Maybe I'll get used to it though, before it's time to get another vehicle.
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