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Originally Posted by uniongoon View Post
Love those wood hoops. I need to learn how to do that. I have basic idea, but I am sure I would destroy the first few attempts getting the order of the process sorted.
Thank you :) They're a ton of work, & I mean a ton of work. If we make 10 pairs at a time, it takes 15 days if you include finishing. One pair from scratch takes 3 days, & that's when you're already setup with tooling, etc.

Two segmented layers made up in the usual way with angled shoulders (just like a shallow stave), each segment finger jointed both ends, each ring glued up separately at the joints, then the two complete layers glued up (staggered). After that, seven different machining operations (spindle moulder & lathe) + snare cutout on the reso hoop. Sanding to finish - coat of shellac - sand again - two coats of shellac - fine sand - 4 coats of wax, buffed off after each coat. We do a single layer version for toms & bass drums. Twin layer is for the higher tensions required by snares.
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