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Thank you... That's really what we are looking for. Generally speaking people we know aren't going to give us constructive criticism on our child. He's come along way in 2 years but we look for anything to try and help him get better and realize he has a long way to go.

He has been taking lessons for over a year now, we were thankfull to find a good teacher locally. It has helped him a lot with slowing him down and making him smoother. It is truly amazing to watch him progress. We are not musically inclined nor do we have any background in music so we need input from people like you guys who do know :).

He definitely is a little showman not just in drums but everything... At first we tried to stop it but it took a lot of his fun with it away so we decided to back off and let him have fun. We don't make him practice and don't want to go that route with him. We just want to keep it fun. Most of these videos we tape on the fly and they are not rehearsed, people will ask him to play songs for them but he mostly picks his own.

If someone would of told us 2 years ago our son would be obsessed with drums we would of laughed it off.... This all started with a Journey DVD and him seeing Deen Castronovo. He went and got an exercise ball and kitchen utensils and started beating...

Here's another link....
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