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Default Re: Music for life ???

Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
Hmm. Not sure, because there are some albums I have on vinyl that I wondered "what the hell was I thinking?" when I re-visited them years later. But the ones I did love, I re-bought on CD, and even some years later when I go back to those, I sometimes wonder "what the hell was I thinking?"
I never had that feeling, if anything, my teens choice of music makes me smile sometimes, thinking how naive I was, but I do not question the reason why I liked such or such artists or bands, they are a part of who we are (were), it's all good to me.

mmmh... maybe you got a point with Can the Can by Suzi Quatro :)

Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
My old favorites are internalized, and like Larry, I find it difficult to actually buy new music because chances are, somebody else has already done it years ago.
I always find something new under the sun, at least "new" in the sense that it's current and just come out, it doesn't bother me if it's similar to some of my teens music, I remember buying the first Van Halen album and thinking " Woaw, I've never heard anything like this before" the chemistry between Eddie Van Halen and David Lee Roth was very special, even after listening to the whole Purple, Sabbath, Uriah Heep, Rainbow albums, those guys took it to another level where no one has been before...

It still does happen these days, in all styles... suddenly it hits you and you're hooked...

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
Henri. I think your musical sensibilities are forged in your teen years, for sure. Also, context is everything. Stuff that sounded amazing back in the day often stood out because it was fresh, & something different compared to the vernacular. One thing does run through all the old material that influenced me back then, & that's fondness. Even if I have a BO "what was I thinking" reaction, there's still fondness there, as often the music brings back associated memories.
Yes, most of it was fresh, it was new music back then or at least only a couple years old...

Yes, our teens music is a time travelling machine, we're suddenly transported back to that wonderful place full of good memories and no worries, definitely good times :)

Originally Posted by bermuda View Post
I think I still love listening - and playing - just about all of the music I grew up with, in the 7-20 age range. There's very little if anything that I listened to and later wondered why...
Same here... I always knew that I had very good taste in music :)

I was never into the Stones in my teens, I didn't like their sound, they were too dirty sounding for my tastes, I knew a few of their big singles of course... I discovered the Stones at a later stage and I was able to appreciate them then...

There's many bands I could have listen to in my teens, but didn't for whatever reasons and later discovered them, bought their albums and liked what they've done.

Originally Posted by MaryO View Post
In 1981 I was 14 and the following albums came out...

Rush - Moving Pictures
Genesis - Abacab
Rolling Stones - Tattoo You
AC/DC - For Those About To Rock
The Police - Ghost in the Machine
Phil Collins - Face Value
Styx - Paradise Theater
Journey - Escape
Foreigner - 4
Joan Jett - I Love Rock and Roll
April Wine - Nature of the Beast
Pretenders - Pretenders II
Men at Work - Business as Usual.
Stevie Nicks - Bella Donna
I loved those albums Mary... geez, April Wine, Sign of the Gypsy Queen was my favorite track on this album and I liked Future Tense too

Yeah, I had my Rush moment too, an incredible band...

Originally Posted by BacteriumFendYoke View Post
The only thing I regret is not being on top of a lot of modern trends. I find myself getting totally lost in music history at the expense of great modern acts. Not everything I listen to is 'old' and I generally berate those that complain about today's music - I have no issue with today's music - but it's rare that I'll actively seek out a 'new' band or artist. I tend to discover them by accident and without having a TV or listening to commercial radio, I'm less likely to come across some of the more mainstream material.
I do not have that regret Dunc, I have a daughter who take care of that for me, because of me, she's heavily into music... and she knows her rock history too, thanks to her mad father, so she knows when something might be of interest to me :)

Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
Yes, we do tend to harbour a soft spot for the music of our teens. That makes my tastes inconsistent because I am not at all keen on heavy music these days...
Yes, definitely a soft spot for the yesteryear music that we cherished at one point, but it doesn't make our choice in music inconsistent, we've evolved and broaden our tastes in new horizons and discovered new bands and artists, it doesn't make our teens taste less valid for that reason, having said that I'm still seduce by today's music when someone produce music similar to what I listen all those years ago.

Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
I was in love with Slade at age 13 - spare me!
Geez, Mama Weer All Crazee Now, Cum on Grea Feel the Noize :)

Originally Posted by DancingMadlyBackwards View Post
My thought is that we only know what we, what has been set forth for us through the channels, so to speak. I do have a desert island set of recordings, but I asked the question, "what if I was able to expose more of that kind of music that was not rammed down my throat through radio...before the mtv".... Because if the bands I was exposed to were good, surely there were others...
In my teens, there was no MTV or anything like that and I did not really listen to the radio either, my parents did... but I use to go to the record shop, listen to bands and artists and buy records. As an apprentice, I remember spending a month's worth of wages in 2 days on vinyl records and then begging Mum and Dad for fag's money :)
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