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Default Re: A Craigslist fight broke out over original content bar bands,

Why is it so hard for a REAL BAND, a SOBER band, with REAL TALENT, REAL skill, actual dynamics, a captivating sound, REAL PROFESSIONAL GEAR, playing REAL music, awesome music, timeless, groovey, killer tunes and have a KILLER sound to draw said idiots and become successful at the bar scene?

Probably b/c in reality they have nothing to offer except what 'they' think is good music.

You don't understand the bar scene, its all about drawing a crowd, the bar doesn't care how you do it.

If a band is frustrated with the bar scene and thinks its putting out great music (awesome music, timeless, groovey, killer tunes and have a KILLER sound), they should rent a theater, hall, concert venue etc. and try to put on a show there, see what happens... and then do it again and see what happens.

If you don't have a hit (charted) song (new, or old) pretty much you're going to be playing some kind of bar scene.
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