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Default Re: Music for life ???

My thought is that we only know what we, what has been set forth for us through the channels, so to speak. I do have a desert island set of recordings, but I asked the question, "what if I was able to expose more of that kind of music that was not rammed down my throat through radio...before the mtv".... Because if the bands I was exposed to were good, surely there were others...

I came up with a lot of stuff....stuff I never heard of but of a parallel style to what would be on my desert island list

Hammers Of Misfortune
White Witch
Artful Dodger ( not the eclectic UK offering)
American Noise
Bangalore Choir
Duke Jupiter
Love Affair (later changed to L.A.)
Legs Diamond
Crack The Sky
Witchfinder General

So I have dismissed the idea that it is a specific band(s), but more that it is a level of technology, sound and style that grabs ahold and settles in....cause there are other bands doing similar stuff....with a few notable exceptions of course
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