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Default Re: Music for life ???

There are bands I loved when I was 15 that I still do. Early Metallica, King Crimson, Slayer, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Cream. I really loved those bands and I still listen to them now. For me the most 'salient' years for my musical growth so far were 18-23. In those five years I discovered music that I absolutely adore and didn't think was possible - a lot of that has to do with doing my degree and studying some very odd music. I still find new and exciting things now but the rate at which I do so is less.

In those five years I discovered madrigals, Messiaen, Merzbow, Joy Division, New Order, Brian Eno, The Smiths, Xenakis and countless others that informed my musical listening more and more. Sometimes I would find three or four different artists a week that I liked (and listen to a lot more). Every week I discover something new even now and my tastes are constantly evolving. I used to like a lot of Prog but now my selection of Prog is more limited and edges towards the more aggressive and raw material - as well as some of the 'out there' stuff. I still like some early Genesis though, despite myself.

The only thing I regret is not being on top of a lot of modern trends. I find myself getting totally lost in music history at the expense of great modern acts. Not everything I listen to is 'old' and I generally berate those that complain about today's music - I have no issue with today's music - but it's rare that I'll actively seek out a 'new' band or artist. I tend to discover them by accident and without having a TV or listening to commercial radio, I'm less likely to come across some of the more mainstream material.
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