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Default Re: Why I play the Breakbeats!

Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post

I did put a coated ambassador on the snare, but so far I've been using the stock heads and it's been ok. The toms have Remo UT pinstripes and the bass drum has that Remo UT Powerstroke 3 type head, and just generic reso heads. I have this feeling if I put coated emperors on the toms and a real PS3 on the bass drum, with appropriate reso heads on all the drums, it might sound outstanding.
I'm sure it would make quite a noticeable difference, especially on the bass. Those imitation Powerstrokes don't sound good to me. I had one on my Club Date and it was just awful. As soon as I put on the real thing, there was the sound. Toms you can get away with but you might as well pull as much tone out of them as you can with some quality heads. Nice little kit.

The only heads I get lazy about changing are snare side heads. I should do it though.
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