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Default Re: TAMA HP30 Single pedal

*sigh*...a little late to the party but...

I've been buying up the "old" Tama pedals (which are similar to the Camco HP35 style/design just like HP30) because they are simple, portable, and WORK. It's a tried and proven design, well engineered and offers portability not seen much anymore. (Funny, there was a time when all hardware was designed for portability and light weight...ahhh the good old days!).

I have two IC (flex and chain), an IC Jr. with base plate, and three of the older models. My ICs sit home on my practice kit/s and the "lightweight" amateur pedals go into my trap case-haha. They are small enough I can pack two in the space of a single full-size IC.

Seriously, they are a 'great little pedal' that I would have no problem using as my main pedal-unless you are playing extreme metal....
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