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Default Re: Music for life ???

I think I still love listening - and playing - just about all of the music I grew up with, in the 7-20 age range. There's very little if anything that I listened to and later wondered why, however there's a quite a bit that I disliked or didn't really get at the time, and have grown to appreciate as I've rediscovered them over the years. Most notably, Led Zeppelin and the Stones!

That's not to say I was just listening to bubblegum and pop as a youth, I loved me some Zappa, King Crimson, Tull, Gentle Giant, etc. And I was aware of the Stones' and Led Zep's hits, but I just didn't appreciate what they were doing enough to be into them. The Stones' Satanic Majesties album was completely baffling to me when it was new, but later I came to love (most of) it. And I really liked (most of) the Houses of the Holy LP, but most of the other Led Zep stuff was inaccessible as far as I was concerned. Back then, I couldn't have cared less who Bonham was!

Suffice to say, my musical appreciation is far wider than it was as a kid, but I do have a soft spot for the oldies & classic rock I grew up with. Part of it was learning to play drums at that time, and the music being additionally ingrained in my brain and heart as a played to records and the radio. And part of it is being taken back to people and places and events from my carefree youth. Every time I hear Magical Mystery Tour, the 6/8 section near the end takes me right back to my bedroom on Rose Lane in Phoenix, practicing the drums and hitting the cowbell in the middle of that one fill. Good times!

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