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Default Re: Music for life ???

Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
Hmm. Not sure, because there are some albums I have on vinyl that I wondered "what the hell was I thinking?" when I re-visited them years later. But the ones I did love, I re-bought on CD, and even some years later when I go back to those, I sometimes wonder "what the hell was I thinking?"
I feel the same on many occasions, but equally, I'll go back to something and find musical gems that I completely missed first time around.

Henri. I think your musical sensibilities are forged in your teen years, for sure. Also, context is everything. Stuff that sounded amazing back in the day often stood out because it was fresh, & something different compared to the vernacular. One thing does run through all the old material that influenced me back then, & that's fondness. Even if I have a BO "what was I thinking" reaction, there's still fondness there, as often the music brings back associated memories.

I do take issue with the "nothing new under the sun" idea though. Yes, in one form or another, everything has been done before on a basic component level, but much newer music attracts me because it's reworked in a very different way, yet still with a nod to the masters of yesteryear. Some of it of course, is just downright garbage. I'm talking about the good stuff that's mostly off the hyper commercial radar.
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