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Default Re: Vinyl Resurgence Thread

Originally Posted by tamadrm View Post
You're not pitrateing anything,you own the original copy,and as long as you're not selling other copies,and only using them for your own personal enjotment,thats NOT piracy.
Nobody got in trouble because they made a cassette copy of their album to listen in the car or Walkman™. It's when they started handing out copies that the trouble began. And that was a real commitment on the part of the owner of the LP - they had to make copies in real time, and typically one at a time, walking softly so as not to skip or rumble the transfer, and having to sticking around to flip the album. Not to mention the cost of the tape, and postage if sending to a friend far away. And, copying the album cover meant a trip to the local Postal Instant Press. Now that was dedication!

Little did the record industry know how benign it all was though. Once the internet took hold and a suitable file was created for transfer over slow connections - the .mp3 - all hell broke loose.

But vinyl for me still has its place, and as mentioned, there are songs and artists that just don't exist (yet) in the digital realm, even with the cornucopia of obscure material posted on YouTube. I still have about 800 LPs and maybe 150 45s, but haven't purchased any new releases on vinyl since they were actually new 20+ years ago. I still buy an old LP now and then, but I don't regard vinyl as a viable way to listen to music with modern (1990+)production values.

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