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Default Re: Music for life ???

Hmm. Not sure, because there are some albums I have on vinyl that I wondered "what the hell was I thinking?" when I re-visited them years later. But the ones I did love, I re-bought on CD, and even some years later when I go back to those, I sometimes wonder "what the hell was I thinking?"

I think after I've internalized the lessons to be learned from a recording (and this would've been when I was in my pre-teens or so), I could shelve it and not have to re-visit it. What this has done for me is that there's rarely anything that sounds incredibly earth-shaking anymore. When we think of music as being made-up of the same 12 notes (for us Euro-centric music peoples), there's not a whole lot being said that's absolutely new. And when someone tells me it's something new before I hear it, a giant red flag goes up for me.

My old favorites are internalized, and like Larry, I find it difficult to actually buy new music because chances are, somebody else has already done it years ago.
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