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Default Re: Vinyl Resurgence Thread

I don't buy music anymore, haven't for about 10 years now. Formats change. I can't justify the expense anymore. The only time I listen to music is on satellite radio while driving, which has any genre I'm interested in. When Sirius Radio first came out they had a deal....$500.00 USD gets you free satellite radio for life. I jumped on that. WHAT a deal. That was in 2006.

With satellite radio, I get to hear music I would otherwise never hear. Like right now I am trying to absorb more jazz. On a typical ride to work, I would probably have to spend about 100 bones to hear the songs I hear. At home if I need to learn something there's YT. I stopped buying music after realizing that for me personally, what a waste of money it was. I don't need the nostalgia of placing the needle to the vinyl, things are too fast paced for that anymore. It's just not for me, but I realize how much others enjoy the experience.
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