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Default Re: Vinyl Resurgence Thread

when I was a child my parents listened to vinyl. When I grew up they still had those records. I wanted to listen to them so I went out and bought a record player. The sound is different. If the record is not scratched the sound goes much deeper, you can hear more clarity. I have been obsessed with that sound for a long time now. My wife and I now have a collection of a few thousand vinyl records. I do hope they make a comeback and I like the download code. But as of now cd's should still be made. Some people are not ready to give up on them.

Most people will never hear the difference and that is ok but I do and that is why I prefer vinyl. hopefully in the future as far as digital downloads go we should start using wav files instead of mp3's the mp3's that are put on cd's and on your Ipods and Zunes or whatever you have that is where the quality is lost. with computers coming with a terabyte on them now wave files are not out of the question. That will take digital media to the next level.

I jumped around a bit so I apologize but I think I got my point across.
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