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Default Re: Why I play the Breakbeats!

Originally Posted by Dre25 View Post
I thought you played them because your wife told you to buy them.

I played one the other day btw. Is it a 13" floor tom they have? Was kinda fun.
Well that too. But she knew (after seeing my enjoyment with the Sonor Safari's) that having a little kit makes sense with what I do, meaning that for about six months of out of the year I'm throwing the kit in the truck and rushing off to go play somewhere. And I guess she noticed that packing the big Ludwig kit for quiet little rehearsals, at my age, is making less and less sense these days. And she's usually right ;)

And yes, it's a 13x13 floor tom, which I'm totally diggin' because a 14x14 would not fit behind the seat!

I did put a coated ambassador on the snare, but so far I've been using the stock heads and it's been ok. The toms have Remo UT pinstripes and the bass drum has that Remo UT Powerstroke 3 type head, and just generic reso heads. I have this feeling if I put coated emperors on the toms and a real PS3 on the bass drum, with appropriate reso heads on all the drums, it might sound outstanding.
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