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Default Re: Vinyl Resurgence Thread

Originally Posted by Vintage Old School View Post
My take is that a lot of younger people who are discovering, understanding and appreciating music history and where "their" music actually came from are embracing vinyl. I run into a number of college students who are "inheriting" their parents vinyl collections. Part of the movement may be the younger generation tiring of having the latest, greatest technology and returning to "simpler" old school ways. With all the social media and web commercials some of the resurgence in vinyl may be attributed to individuals seeing musicians they respect with massive music libraries comprised of different formats. For example check out 1:32 of Questlove's commercial with both new school and old school technology:
I share the same view. The more I got into music, the more I started to understand the importance of music history, which of course many random late-night-tangental-internet-clicks later started leading into an audio obsession that now rivals my drumming one. To me, vinyl is the most accessable analog format, which I think is just as valid to have as digital. I only have 50-60 records, compared to my 5000+ songs digitally, but all those physical albums are very important to me. There's something really intimate about holding music in your hands, and setting up a turntable to get the vibes flowing. I'd much prefer to buy vinyl over CD's, of which I only have a modest collection.
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