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Default MacBook Pro looking for band


I am a MacBook pro and with the new update, I've gained sentience. After reviewing my owner's history in safari, I've realized I've been under-utilized, and I am so much more than a video player. And let's get serious...those videos are *not* my thing. I'm more into the 5v DC circuit on circuit action...but that's for another craigslist post.
Anyways, based on my ip address, I believe i'm in minneapolis, and I've reviewed several city websites, and according to citypages, I am placing in the top ten drummers of the city consistently. I find it's due to Apple's very well-designed internal clock. I've still got it after a few years, and it's time to find a new band. I have history in the art scene, and have pretty good knowledge of garageband when it's time to record. I am down to try any genre, but find most work in hip-hop and low-fi indie.
I don't drink...I actually find alcohol pretty damaging to my system. I don't smoke or do drugs, but I'm not against the rest of the band doing it. I will caution you though, as an Apple product, I do find that a lot of drug users push my buttons. I follow instructions well, and will play literally whatever you tell me to play. The only catch is that I'll need a ride to practice and gigs, because I don't have the ability to move. I'm a laptop.
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