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Default Why I play the Breakbeats!

So I actually had a rehearsal today with one of my choir bands today and took the Ludwig Breakbeats out for a spin. I knew it'd be perfect for quickie rehearsals and quiet gigs - I got the whole thing into the front cab of my Ford F-150 truck! My truck is not an extra cab and I managed to get all the hardware, cymbals, and two toms behind the seat, and the bass drum and snare drum sat in the passenger seat. For the front seat I have the lid from an 18" fiber case I don't use and some cardboard to keep the bass drum from digging into the seat material.

It's awesome to be able to leave it in the cab, and lock the truck so I can run into a restaurant for lunch!

When I use my regular-sized Ludwig Classic maple kit, when that whole thing is cased up with all the hardware, it just about takes up the entire bed are of the truck (I also carry a Rock n Roller cart I've been using for 20 years now - I don't break it down, it stays open full size). And I can't leave the truck unattended, either.

But the Breakbeats are perfect for transport and sounded surprisingly like drums today. Here's a couple of pictures of how everything gets stored:
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